What would it look like to replace the traditional New Year Resolutions with the Astrological New Year and live in alignment with your souls purpose as each season unfolds? Each season has something valuable to offer, a seeding point; each growing into the other lending to a cacophony of sound all harmonizing into one unique pitch. 

The Year of Embodiment

enrollment begins march 2024

The Year of Embodiment is a year long course that meets twice a month, offering online community access, and a course handbook.

Together we will journey through Seasons, Zodiac signs, Rituals, Affirmations, and Discussions designed to disconnect from what no longer feels like home to create a space where you are in greater alignment.

  • The Year of Embodiment 365 eBook 
  • 2 monthly virtual gatherings (24 Gatherings Total) 
  • Active online community
  • In depth webinar discussions
  • Monthly rituals supporting integration
  • Lifetime access to all webinar recordings

what's included?

"Create a space where you are in greater alignment"

You will also benefit from the daily use of powerful, impactful affirmations and journaling prompts as tools for self reflection to guide you through your journey day by day offering an opportunity to drop in and reflect.

 The course will provide an opportunity to deepen connections with like-minded individuals and explore the benefits of living in harmony with the natural rhythms of the zodiac seasons and the elementals that are associated with them. 

"A daily journey."

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Throughout the course, you will learn about the characteristics and energies of each zodiacal season, and how to use these energies to create positive shift in your life.

"Shifts toward your very best good!"

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The year of embodiment



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thank you

I have to thank Rasia for being such a dope human. Not only has she been on the show 2x, she has also transformed my families lives. My mom sister and I have so many healing stories to share and it’s all thanks to Rasia!

Tennielle Clark