The idea of establishing “new agreements” really resonated with me. I have used the term “ascension symptoms” as an attempt to describe the byproducts results, feelings, discomforts, etc. that come along with ascension. The idea that one has changed and therefore may need to establish “new agreements” makes more sense to me. In hindsight and foresight, it only makes sense that new agreements are formulated after such a change. It feels like a more liberating way of approaching/managing the process of ascension.

Ama Kateena

I have known Rasia for a few years and have always thought she was such an authentically fluid person. I highly recommend ANY and ALL of her services! She has survived many life situations that most of us have been through. She is a true light

Cassandra Dailey

Rasia is a phenomenal intuitive counselor. I am still processing the amazing insight I received. It was very heartfelt and I can't wait for my next coaching session.  

Gabriel Olmos

Rasia is a powerful woman with a clear connection to spirit and the tools that speak to her. The reading was potent and the cards spoke so strong, there was no need for questions. The cards that work with her are themselves so activated and in alignment with her. I felt only comfort, trust, and connection. Spirit spoke boldly through her and the reading.

Anais Szabo

My session with Rasia was eye opening. There was a habit I was prone to doing as a default since childhood. It's funny how before we had our session, I had questioned why I never felt safe in my body. Rasia, identified my blind spot. Assisted me in not only gaining clarity but realising how harmful I was unconsciously (somewhat consciously) to myself. It created a big shift and I can honestly say that I am present in my body and feel a sense of peace, mentally and physically. Thank you so much!

Dorina Owindi

Rasia's collective Twin Flame and private tarot readings are inspired by Divine Spirit helping to clear a path for manifestation, growth, and transformation. She gave me the most thoughtful recommendations for energy work, and crystal and quantum healing that provided clarity and helped me to be more centered and purpose driven. If you're looking to reconnect with Spirit, understand how cosmic shifts impact astrological aspects that are relevant to your chart or to step back into your power and reclaim your inner peace, you should defiantly be working with her.


I started working with Rasia when I signed up for her Priestess Path mentorship program. Finding her, in itself, was divinely guided and I'm so grateful that I followed the intuitive hits. Having her as my mentor on the priestess path and during my ascension process has been such a beautiful experience and I look forward to every single session with her and the moments in between to celebrate the continuous gifts and unfolding that just keep coming. She has helped me trust more fully in my intuition and my self, which was my biggest challenge before working with her, and integrate it in such a deeper and more empowering way, and this has then directly up-leveled my work with my clients, as well. The trickle down affect and outward wave that has been produced from working with Rasia has to be known and I know I am not alone in thinking this! I look up to her, and yet walk my own beautiful path right beside her, and feel the empowerment and sisterhood support between us. I strongly recommend to anyone, who is seeking guidance in any way, shape or form, to tap into any of the beautiful services Rasia has to offer.

Amanda Mossing

The best part of my reading with MysticalHealingGuide was that she allowed me to record the session on my voice note and even two months later I've used it as a resource to unlock a lot of the signs that have been unfolding in my life. She truly has a calling and it shows not only in the moment while in your session with her but most importantly as you observe those events unfolding. I think it's a perfect way to compliment the work I've already  been doing, and to ignite a new way of healing within myself. Thank you again my Soul Sister...your work is so necessary and I'm thankful to have experienced it.

All the Love and Light!


I had been following Mystical Healing Guide for a few months and loved the way she read tarot; it was like a story, and flowed so organically. So the moment she offered the tarot reading class, I knew I had to enlist! The course was very structured and organized. Rasia ensured that it started and ended promptly. The pace and cadence of the teaching made it easy for beginner readers like myself to keep up and most importantly, to understand the material. The course not only taught me how to read, but the way to prepare, cleanse, and store your cards, as well as a descriptive handbook to accompany the teachings. Each class was a dynamic webex that allowed interaction with Rasia in real time. And yes, she is as amazing as you'd imagine! Her easygoing and amiable spirit made me comfortable asking questions. By the end of the 8 weeks, which include 3 1:1 sessions, I not only had improved my reading skills but gained a beautiful sistar! If you've always been intrigued by tarot and want to learn how to authentically and intuitively read, Mystical Healing Guide is who you should learn with! Because of course, I now read tarot confidently for friends, family, and querent who want to use the mystical art of tarot to lend insight into their lives!

Cory J Hall

Rasia Mykonos Pouncie