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"My gifts are a blessing from my ancestors, as my great-grandparents from both the maternal and paternal branches of my family tree were spiritualists."

Rasia is a Wayshower™ who journeys alongside your expansion process into increased self-awareness, releasing generational trauma and activating your highest expression in this lifetime. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, the youngest of three children, Rasia was raised by her father, who was a man of many modalities - an activist, acupuncturist, reiki master, and astrologer. Early on, she knew that spiritual work was a part of her path.

Rasia has served her community since 2003 through many modalities that stem from holistic and spiritual offerings. She's a mother to six beautiful children. Her pursuits in formal education led her to attain a masters degree in mental health counseling. 

Mystical Healing Guide captures her personal journey to create and deliver her soul's mission from a place of fire, raw passion and love for the authentic intuitive growth of the divine within us all!

I live the life of a Wayshower and Lightworker. My calling is in facilitating space as a  psychotherapist, and spiritual development coach to others in an effort to support them in reaching their highest timeline. My goal is to fan your souls desire, to inspire you to be honest, real, fun, sexy, wise, and loving to yourself.
- Rasia

about the Guide

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Discovery Call

start your journey

Rasia will tune into your energy which provides her with a broader sense of where integrations, release and reframing is needed. It's the first step in your journey.

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Starseed Activation

discover your start origin and history

A Starseed Activation session assists you as a specific set of healings are carried out on your energy body. No two starseed healings are ever the same. There is an integration of specific light codes which assist your specific mission.

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Intuitive Coaching

guidance in a different way

Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions help you make changes that move you towards living in your highest energetic expression by helping you access your intuition and aligning you with your souls purpose on your path to ascension.

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Heart Based Business Activation

jumpstart into your next phase

The Heart Centered Business Activation is for those who are feeling the intuitive nudge to manifest their creative pursuits into their lives and communities.

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The World of Tarot

Would you like to deepen your understanding of the Tarot? Awaken your intuition and learn to trust your inner compass with Mystical Healing Guide as I take you on a Journey Through The World of Tarot! This is a two month (8 week), online self paced course that will help you build a strong relationship with each card in the Tarot. 

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The Year of Embodiment

enrollment starts march 2024

Limited Spaces available.

This year-long intensive is all about your growth, going deep into your healing and your ascension. 

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At Your Core

Allow Rasia to be your Wayshower™ as you navigate your way into new agreements with your body mind and soul, recapture the power of making and keeping commitments to yourself, invite curiosity in and allow your perception and field of awareness to expand. 




The best part of working with Rasia as my guide is that she allowed me to record our sessions. Even two months later I’ve used it as a source to unlock a lot of the signs that have been unfolding in my life. She truly has a calling and it shows not only in the moment while you’re working with her but most importantly as you see the growth unfolding! I think it’s the best way to complement the work I’ve already been doing and to ignite a new way of healing within myself. 

Thank you again my soul sister. Your work is so necessary and I’m thankful to have experienced it. 

All the love and light,
Shannon aka Essence of Motion

love letter

You can trust yourself.

Rasia's offerings support individuals in developing their intuition and strengthening their connection to the Divine within. This can lead to increased clarity, confidence, and personal empowerment.

intuitive growth

Finding Rasia, in itself, was divinely guided and I’m so grateful that I followed the intuitive hits. Having Rasia as my guide during my ascension process has been such a beautiful experience and I look forward to every single session with her and the moments in between to celebrate the continuous gifts and unfolding that just keep coming. She has helped me to trust more fully in my intuition and my self, which was my biggest challenge before working with her, and integrate it in such a deeper and more empowering way , and this has then directly up-leveled my work with my clients, as well.

The trickle down affect and outward wave that has been produced from working with Rasia has to be known and i know i am not alone in thinking this! I look up to her, and yet walk my own beautiful path right beside her, and feel the empowerment and sisterhood support between us. I strongly recommend to anyone, who is seeking guidance in any way, shape or form, to tap into any of the beautiful services Rasia has to offer. 

Amanda Mossing 

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Rasia's offerings aim to deepen the individuals experience of their spiritual unfolding in a way that guides one to claim sovereignty in this life. Rasia holds space for understanding and development of the mind body soul relationship as an ongoing conversation. This enhances the individuals life experience in optimal ways that align with their highest good.


Intentional spaces curated for the betterment and empowerment of community is very important to Rasia! If you are curating a spiritual space or event Rasia offers Spirit lead activation, education, and more!

Elevate your event 

Power in

the work

expand & evolve

Thank you for your presence. My purpose In this life is to walk along side you as you recall and activate your highest timeline in this now moment. Through my offerings, unique gifts and tools, our time together will be rooted in expanding your ability to receive all of who you are; full power! Empowering you to live the life you desire and deserve. 

helping your realize your gifts

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thank you

I have to thank Rasia for being such a dope human. Not only has she been on the show 2x, she has also transformed my families lives. My mom sister and I have so many healing stories to share and it’s all thanks to Rasia!

Tennielle Clark

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