About the Guide

Rasia Is a Wayshower who assists people on their journey towards increased self-awareness and the activation of their highest expression in this lifetime.

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Intuitive growth

My offerings support individuals in developing their intuition and strengthening their connection to the Divine within. This can lead to increased clarity, confidence, and personal empowerment.

Increased self-awareness

My offerings aim to deepen the individuals experience of their spiritual unfolding in a way that guides one to claim sovereignty in this life. I hold space for understanding and development of the mind body soul relationship as an ongoing conversation. This enhances the individuals life experience in optimal ways that align with their highest good.

  • Guided Meditation

    Achieve a deeper state of ease.

  • Breathwork

    Regulate the body's response to stress and promote relaxation.

  • Healing Trauma

    Address emotional and psychological wounds caused by traumatic events.

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