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My session with Rasia was EYE-OPENING. There was a habit I was prone to doing as a default since childhood. It’s funny how before we had our session, I had questioned why I never felt safe in my body.

Rasia, identified my blind spot. Assisted me in not only gaining clarity but realizing how harmful I was unconsciously, somewhat consciously to myself. It created a big shift and I can honestly say that I am present in my body and feel a sense of peace, mentally and physically.

Thank you so much! 


Working with Rasia is an experience of eye-opening realizations, potent power, honesty and accountability. 

There is work to be done and Rasia, Wayshower™ and Intuitive Coach and Guide is there with you the whole way!

Her offerings range in scope and intensity, but there is something for everyone. 

Not sure where to begin, start with a Discovery Call.

what would happen if you tapped into your gifts and turned your magic all the way up?

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Rasia's work is inspired by divine spirit helping to clear a path for manifestation, growth, and transformation. 

She gave me the most thoughtful recommendations through energy work, and crystal and quantum healing that provided clarity and helped me to be more centered and purpose driven. 

If you're looking to reconnect with spirit, understand how cosmic shifts impact astrological aspects that are relevant to your chart or to step back into your power and reclaim your inner peace you should definitely be working with her. 


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Curating a spiritual space or event? Rasia offers attendee readings, education, and more!

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let's figure out what we can use this section for. speak about your community and your special offerings for them, maybe? 



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I have to thank Rasia for being such a dope human. Not only has she been on the show 2x, she has also transformed my families lives. My mom sister and I have so many healing stories to share and it’s all thanks to Rasia!

Tennielle Clark