This offering is a DEEP dive into self discovery for those of us who are looking to experience freedom from a life that feels like you've been trapped in the same cycles over and over again: repeating patters that seem new but end up producing the same painful results. 

At Your Core

Let us journey together. Allow me to be your guide as you navigate your way into new agreements with your body mind and soul.

We will recapture the power of making and keeping commitments to yourself, invite curiosity in and allow your perception and field of awareness to expand. 

"The Deep Dive"

  • 12 1:1 60 minute sessions once per week
  • Weekly independent assigned practices
  • Real time text and or email support
  • 1 guided breath work session
  • Past life regression session
  • Akashic records reclamation
  • 2 Quantum Healing sessions 
  • EFT (tapping) practice guided by a new theme every 30 days
  • Astrology (natal and monthly transit reports)    

your investment outline:

at your core

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I've worked with Rasia on numerous ocassions about a myriad of things, but this journey by far as been the hardest, but my absolutely favorite. Each session was an in depth view of my personal path. We tapped into what I should move towards and what I should absolutely avoid. 

Rasia is a Wayshower in every way giving me new angles and perspectives I never considered or was too scared to tap into. The dive is deep, but every session was a discovery. I felt shifts immediately after the first session. Spirit has a way of "giving you homework" just to see if you were paying attention! So, I'll say this, if you choose this path, please pay attention because there will be a test, baby! You're going to do the work, trust me.

Jenell G.

love letter

This offering is for you if you are ready to access freedom codes within that bring you into a state of true presence, allowing full access to all of the abundance your life experience has to offer in this now moment.

this is a perfect journey for...

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love letter

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thank you

I have to thank Rasia for being such a dope human. Not only has she been on the show 2x, she has also transformed my families lives. My mom sister and I have so many healing stories to share and it’s all thanks to Rasia!

Tennielle Clark