Abundant Blessings! I’m happy that you are open to receive the next step towards bringing your sacred offerings to the world!

The Heart Centered Business Activation is for those who are feeling the intuitive nudge to manifest their creative pursuits into their lives and communities.

Heart Based Business

Whether you are transitioning into a new healing business, creating a healing modality, writing a book, starting a podcast, or entering the real estate business, this container will provide energetic activation as well as support to help you launch into a new experience!

Together we will map out
Planning and strategy for the manifestation of your creative pursuits using astrology for specific launch periods.

Then we will expose and elevate your unconscious feelings attached to money, examine your souls light around receiving, determine your boundaries, strengthen the value of yourself and your business, and redefine abundance in your business.

Finally, you will be the recipient of light codes that assist in the above mentioned pathways to your success.

Three 1:1 mentorship sessions with your Mystical Healing Guide, Rasia that consist of the following:

Your Unique Offerings

What the Heart Centered Business Activation consist of:

heart based business

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Rasia's readings are like prophecies. You say things that didn't make sense at some points but now had unfolded. It's like a past, present and future reading all at once.


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This offering is for you if you feel ready to expand beyond limiting beliefs you hold around success, money and self worth. Tap into your creativity and get unstuck!

this is a perfect journey for you if...

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I have to thank Rasia for being such a dope human. Not only has she been on the show 2x, she has also transformed my families lives. My mom sister and I have so many healing stories to share and it’s all thanks to Rasia!

Tennielle Clark