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Life Class~Journey Through The World of Tarot

Life Class~Journey Through The World of Tarot

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Would you like to deepen your understanding of the Tarot? Awaken your intuition and learn to trust your inner compass with MysticalHealingGuide as I take you on a Journey Through The World of Tarot! This is a two month (8 week), online self paced course that will help you build a strong relationship with each card in the Tarot. This will allow you to intuit the messages that are revealed in a reading. I will also discuss my experience as a professional reader of 20 years. This course is designed for novices and seasoned readers alike.

This course offers:

A judgement free zone where you are free to dive deeper into symbolism, astrology, numerology, and elemental aspects associated with the 78cards of the tarot.

You will learn to read the light (upright) and the shadow (reversed) positions of each card.

You will be exposed to sample spreads. 

You will receive a booklet in PDF format explaining the main points and key words associated with with each card, their astrology, numerology, and their elemental medicine. 

You will have the opportunity to explore how the Tarot can trigger your intuition and your Clair's. 

You will receive three one on one offie hour visits with me to support your learning.  

The course is based on the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot deck. Feel free to purchase this deck prior to class. The images associated with this deck are provided in the curriculum so it is not a requirement to begin learning right away! I look forward to Guiding you along your Journey Through The World of Tarot!

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