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Heart Based Business Activation

Heart Based Business Activation

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Abundant Blessings! I’m happy that you are open to receive the next step towards bringing your sacred offerings to the world!


The Heart Centered Business Activation is for those who are feeling the intuitive nudge to manifest their creative pursuits into their lives and communities.


Whether you are transitioning into a new healing business, creating a healing modality, writing a book, starting a podcast, or entering the real estate business, this container will provide energetic activation as well as support to help you launch into a new experience!


This offering is for you if:

~ you know there is a new creative opportunity for you but you feel stuck

~you are seeking energetic as well as practical support to understand how best to proceed with your creative projects

~you are looking for a jump start to begin your next phase

~you are seeking clarity

~you want to activate freedom codes that shift your relationship to money

What the Heart Centered Business Activation consist of:


2~ 1:1 mentorship session with your MysticalHealingGuide, Rasia that consist of the following:

~ energetic activation to support in clearing old stories and patterning that will not support you on your creative journey

~planning and strategy for manifestation of your creative pursuits


The energetic exchange for this offering is:


Payment Plans & Partial scholarships available. Please email for more information


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