Energetic Cord Cutting

Energetic Cord Cutting

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Energetic cords are formed in the normal course of interaction with others. We exchange energy through words, thoughts, and emotions. The cords allow this energy to flow.

This cord has the ability to share energy and transmit a high frequency of communication, which may explain why we often feel and connect telepathically to our partners thoughts and emotions.

We are constantly creating cords with many people and even objects, but if you feel drawn back to an unhealthy relationship, or want to break negative habits or addictions, or feel a strong psychic connection to someone that is draining your energy, a cord cutting ritual may be beneficial.

Especially when it comes to relationships, cutting the cord can help release energetic attachments created and can help you to move on to receive new opportunities in your life.

Energetic cords , soul contracts, and karmic cycles can successfully be released when you are ready to let go body, mind, and soul. 

Work with me as  I walk you through a step by step process that successfully clears you of the energetic cord you are ready to release!