Ancestor Veneration + Connection Through Breathwork

Ancestor Veneration + Connection Through Breathwork

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This offering is an open discussion on the ancient practice of Ancestor Veneration. In this space we share how we all create sacred space to connect with the Ancestors for the purpose of healing and growth in our own unique ways. You will also walk away with some comprehensive tools to support your practice. To close out our time together, you will be guided through a breath work practice that invokes depth and connectedness.

Breathwork is a guided meditation practice which allows an individual to somatically release conscious and subconscious traumas, wounds, and limiting beliefs from the emotional body and nervous system. It is a process where the cerebral mind is quieted and the individual can fully and safely drop into their body free from mind chatter and receptive to profound truths. Many clients refer to this experience as psychedelics without the psychedelics, a natural high from the Universe, time travel from the privacy of your own space, all done through the simple power of breath.

A typical session begins with a conversation where we discuss places you feel stuck, things you want to let go, and clarity you wish to receive.  We will then practice the breathing pattern together and you will then lie down to breathe on your own while Sofía guides you on a journey of self-discovery and connection through music, intuitive channeling, and stable, loving energy. This is a time to move through dense emotions and safely open your heart.

Each session is completely unique and can address a multitude of emotions and experiences. Joy, illumination, clarity, grief, fear, shame, loss, anger, resentment, sadness, uncertainty, pain, loneliness, all of these feelings and more have space to be witnessed, honored, and released during a breathwork session. These sessions also provide an opportunity to call in clarity and guidance in your life journey, to fill the newly freed spaces with love, compassion, and joy for yourself and the world around you.