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"I have explored different types of readings throughout the last 15 years, from palm readers to psychics. No one has ever made me feel guided and, most importantly, completely at ease like Rasia has. I’ve definitely been misguided by others to the point where they tell me difinitively to do something that has been life altering and even turned out wounding to me. 
Since receiving my first reading from Rasia in 2016 she has become my only healing guide I go to when wanting answers to questions I can’t find. I appreciate how thorough she works from cleaning her tools in front of me to being keenly aware of every single thing that is happening in the moment. She uses herself as a vessel to allow guidance to flow through her to me. It’s amazing. It’s comforting. It’s life changing. The most important part of my work with Rasia is my deep feelings of trust toward her. She literally makes my soul feel at ease and that allows the guidance to flow like it never has before when receiving readings from others. Rasia’s voice is profoundly soothing and calming which helps the process immensely. Her eyes are comforting and beam a glow of caring and kindness that also supports me to feel like I can allow the guidance to be trusted. I highly recommend Rasia for any and all of your spiritual guidance needs."
- K.B.