Rasia Pouncie was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She is the youngest of three children and was raised by her father, who was a man of many modalities, being an activist, acupuncturist, reiki master, and astrologer. With desire and importance, Rasia knew early on that spiritual work was a part of her path, long before her father initiated her at the age of 23 years old. Her Great Grandmother’s and Grandmother’s from both sides of her family tree were also spiritualist.

Rasia has served her community since 2003 through her holistic and spiritual services and is currently, working towards her masters degree to become a (LPC) Licensed Professional Counselor, all while being a full-time mother of five.

Mystical Healing Guide captures her personal journey to create and deliver the messages of her soul. Sharing the lessons from her own life experiences, Rasia comes from a place of fire, raw passion and love for the authentic intuitive growth of the divine feminine within us all.

Rasia lives the life of a Priestess and a Lightworker. Her calling is in mentoring others in an effort to support them in reaching their highest timeline and frequency. Rasia’s goal is to fan your souls desire to inspire you to be honest, real, fun, sexy, wise, and loving to yourself.