Transcending Trauma Through Spirit

Trauma can be seen as information that informs the choices we make. Because those choices are informed by our trauma responses, they can be seen as incongruent to a balanced life. I would like to reframe trauma responses as guided wisdom. When we experience a traumatic event our bodies create reactionary responses towards anything that looks or feels like the original trauma we experienced, in an effort to keep us safe from reintroducing further trauma. There is wisdom in our bodies efforts to protect us. This wisdom should be recognized and our bodies thanked for their efforts in trying to shield us from further harm.  If we are engaged in our integration process and are open to reframing our thinking around our trauma responses, over time, they will become less pronounced. Our trauma responses can't be treated like the ugly red headed step child that we all wish we could disown from the family! they have to be embraced and integrated. When we are able to hold space for our trauma and the responses that stem from it, we are able to create a space for a deeper acknowledgement of it and any emotions surrounding the trauma. When this is done, we create sacred awareness and mindfulness around our actions and in doing so begin to integrate our trauma responses. By thanking them for their protection and wisdom thus far, we are able to sooth the screaming toddler that is our trauma and allow responses that are in alignment with our higher self to emerge and take root. The goal isn't to heal because healing implies that there is something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with your bodies attempt to protect, however that may have manifested. It is simply out of alignment with further authenticity and as such needs to be welcomed in, not pushed away. Whatever we resist persists. Holding space for ourselves and our experiences isn't always easy and it doesn't necessarily begin in a feel good place, but the journey of self discovery, towards your destination is a life changing experience that you don't want to miss out on!