Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon in Leo January 20, 2019

This eclipse wraps up a series of eclipses on the Leo Aquarius axes. This is a north node eclipse as well as the peak of a cycle so it signifies both beginnings and endings. It asks you to celebrate your creativity and unique imprint on the world and how that presence moves and expands within the collective; moving forward with disciplined excitement and commitment to that. Leo Moon asks you  to remember what is in your heart and what matters to you in all aspects of your life. What type of job are you doing and why? Do you love it and what it provides for you? Are you in a relationship that speaks to your soul? Remember why you are with your partner and if you are single, remember what type of person it is that you want to attract into your life so that you’re a vibrational match to someone that speaks to your heart. Are you starting your own business? Remember why you embarked on that path.The work of starting your own business may be hard but the purpose and mission are great! If there are areas of uncertainty, this Moon will shine a light on them and ask you to be fully immersed or to eclipse it out of your life. Believe in your light and claim it! As we evolve individually and advance our consciousness we raise the vibration collectively which places us more firmly on mission. You will find that you are more willing to receive all of who you are. This will help you find your people, linking you up with your soul family, people who are here to help you learn, expand, and to support your mission. Follow the energy of how you’d like to move through this year with awareness and disciplined action. Remember to stay open to the bigger picture knowing that you may not have all of the pieces to the puzzle yet. 

The Intuitive Tarot Spread that I have created for this Gateway is ruled by the number 1. Leo is ruled by the Sun and numerically speaking, the Sun is ruled by the number 1. I'd like you to Cleanse your space, quite your mind and find your center. Tune into your higher-Self and ask for guidance to lead you through this portal. Shuffle your cards and receive the first card that jumps out at you. The message that card delivers to you is your way through. Enjoy and please share what Spirit has offered you!