The Void

Sometimes all there is, is to go through the motions in life. When you aren't feeling connected to what is, practicing acceptance can be hard. Allowing yourself the space to feel into where you are at is key. Be willing to sit with your emotions instead of distracting yourself with TV, phone, friends, food, or shopping. It won't feel good, you won't get the dopamine fix we sometimes chase, but sitting with your emotions does allow for greater depths to be reached. If you are experiencing a dark night of the soul, it is because spirit is trying to reroute your journey. This pit stop along the way is the void before new creation, the nothingness that people take for granted. If we can just sit with our pain, confusion, doubt, etc. and listen to its wisdom, we can gather what we need from it in order to make our way forward towards something more authentic self. The dark night of the soul occurs when you haven't been honoring some part of yourself, or fully standing in your power, when you have built a foundation on beliefs that are faulty, or when an event takes place in your life that makes you question what is. Spirit brings you to a place of complete collapse in order to rebuild a stronger foundation. This is pure creation, this is the energy of the Empress in Tarot, or The Goddess Kali in Hindu teachings. This transformational period allows you to detach from concepts that your mind has formed in order to birth a new state of consciousness that is in alignment with the true self. This allows you to view life from a clean slate instead of imposing your previous conceptual framework upon it. The dark night of the soul is a death and rebirth of the old self into the new self. During this transformational period, it is important to spend time alone, which you may feel inclined to do naturally. Drinking a lot of water will assist any stagnant energy in moving through, meditation will allow for any parts of you that feel silenced to speak up, it will also make space for your guides, angles, ancestors, archangels, and Orishas to step in with any messages you may need for your journey. but most of all FEEL! feel the pain, the anger, the sorrow, the sadness, the disappointment! Write it all down...what you believed that you no longer believe, who or what you valued that you now need to release. Journaling allows a place for your emotions to be symbolically laid to rest and can be a great tool to reflect upon in the future. There is no need to fear experiencing a dark night of the soul event. It does feel like death despite nothing dying, it can feel like an end when it is merely an opportunity for a new beginning. Your soul is asking for more, more authenticity, more truth, more life, more unconditional love, and less attachment. Give your soul what it needs, what you need to feel whole.