The Emerging Soul

My inspiration for today's blog comes from a conversation I had earlier today over coffee with a beautiful emerging soul. She sought me out for spiritual guidance because her higher-self has been showing up pretty strongly for her in the form of prophetic dreams, heightened intuition, and picking up on the vibrations of others. She was always aware of the power of source within but has yet to embrace her higher-self in her fullness. I gave her some tools to incorporate in her daily practice. The conversation transitioned, we began discussing her personal life and choices that she made in this area that are seemingly incongruent with her desired path, choices that may keep her entangled in a lower vibration. It is on this point that I want to stress a few things to keep in mind, one being that every soul has free will. We can choose to embrace our power, heed the calling and accept our divine right to rise into our higher-self, or we can choose to forgo the mission and stay in the matrix. Neither is wrong or right but each comes with its own set of what we might consider burdens and benefits. We are all here for our own purpose and learning. When someone's made their choice, all we can do is provide compassion and nonjudgmental support. If it feels right we can continue to share space, and if it doesn't we can choose to keep it moving. Some souls are on this mission we call life or ascension, with you and others are just stops along the way where we exchange ideas and experiences. This leads me to the second point I wanted to make, and that is to say our destiny is our own. All roads lead to yourself actualization, you get to choose whether you take the fast route or the scenic route. Some folks are called into situations that don't seem healthy or positive because there are lessons there for them to learn, or someone who needs to learn from them. While still in other circumstances, those who find that they are called to do more challenging work may need to practice discernment and emotional balance in their lives because for them, the root cause is generational trauma being acted out in a cyclical nature. So how can you assess where you are on this continuum? I would start by taking an honest inventory of your life..friendships, intimate relationships, familial relationships, work place relationships. How we interact with others and how we are perceived by others can be a good indication of what we are emitting and what we are receiving, both indicators of our frequency. I'm not saying that how we are perceived by others needs a large emphasis, but others that we trust can provide us with valuable feedback as to how we are perceived by the outside world. After this is done, I would move onto assessing your relationship with yourself. How is your self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem doing? Do you find that you have an internal void that is being filled with other people’s issues, or are you fulfilled by an endless joy and inner peace? And finally, I would ask that you take a look at your connection to Gaia/Source/Spirit/God. Do you have a daily practice that sustains you?  All three of these areas are pillars for creating a healthy inner compass that can guide you to wholeness. If we are to place ourselves on a meaningful path in life it has to be sustained by loving relationships that provide community and accountability, self-love so that we no longer seek outside of us what we already possess within, and a healthy connection to a higher power. An infinite source of abundance in all things that is continuously supplying us with what we need to be nurtured along our path in all ways. Begin here and see where the shift takes you.