New Year, New Moon, New You!

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse In Capricorn January 5, 2019. 

As we enter 2019, Mars is in Aries giving us a  feeling of Intuitive assertion and a desire to take this new year by the horns. All of the other planets are direct and many in their home signs, sprinkling extra good juju on our forward momentum. This also means a quickening in starting anything new or ending anything old. The new moon occurring on January 5th is like a super new moon because of the solar eclipse taking place in Capricorn. This is a complex time where you will have to drop dead weight in order to move forward with the full blessing of this lunation and to move forward with a sense of responsibility in your own life. This energy is great for disciplined long term dreams and goals and seeing them through. Achieving mastery over your current frequency is the goal. This is where the discipline comes in, discipline over our internal landscape so that we can then emanate that inner peace into the world thus assisting the collective Ascension process. There can be a sense of pressure as the old pushes up and out and the new flows in. There could a questioning of your belief system and how or if it is serving you. The purpose of this is asking you to refine, but also have more love and compassion for the greater whole, to dissolve your ego and merge with greater oneness. This is yet another piece to the puzzle of recreating our reality. This process begins within and then is reflected outward on a grander scale. Where do you fit into this new reality? Who do you consider as a part of your community? Let this guide your new moon meditation as it will begin to spark new perspectives and thoughts that will inevitably guide you along your new path. 

This New Moon Spread is represented by the number 8 as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the number 8 is the numerological representation Saturn. When Saturn is strong, it bestows hard work, sound judgment, leadership skills, success, luck and money. When Saturn is weak, there is a focus on failures and an over dramatization of doom and gloom. Because the number 8 is associated with restrictiveness and dissolution it is good to focus on the areas in your life where you need to be more disciplined. Where is it that you need to tie up lose ends and cut your losses? The top row represents what you are conscious of moving forward. This assists you in making clear what’s working and is not working. The bottom row represents the subconscious realm, what you may not be aware of and need to create more self awareness around moving forward. From top to bottom, left to right, each pair of cards represents a sector in your life: heart, home, career and spirituality. Enjoy and please share your spreads, I’d love to see what comes up for you!