New Moon in Sagittarius December 6, 2018



The moon and sun meet in the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is also in its home sign of Sagittarius which infuses this new moon with  extra umph. You are being asked to look at the bigger picture, a higher explore, learn and seek. What have you learned and where can you stretch yourself just a bit more in an effort to be in greater alignment with your purpose. This is a time of clarity, clarity on your place in the world and how/where you’re ready to take up space. This is a great time to look at your belief systems, opinions, what you think is wrong or right, just and unjust and where or with whom you place your trust and faith. This will help you focus in on where you are ready to take the next step..where you can own more of who you are through an expanded sense of self awareness. This is where the focus for your new moon wishes should be placed. Sagittarius helps you to look at the wisdom you’ve gathered up until this point through your experiences. While there is always more to learn, it is good to honor and recognize just how far you’ve come. Sagittarius can also bring expanse in other ways such as over spending, over eating and over drinking. This is an area to be aware of. Because of a square(a challenge) to this new moon from Mars and Neptune, there is an opportunity to find common ground within soulful and emotional situations that you have been working through for sometime so that you can come to a resolution for better or worse. This is making way for the new year so as not to leave these things lingering in the body. Tune into where you need to expand and what you need to move through and away from for good. A grand water trine is taking place. This is supportive of being loving, gentle , and companionate with yourself..honoring what your heart needs and exalting the Divine Feminine within. This is being supported by Venus sextiling Saturn. Lastly, Mercury is going direct, any needed bits of information will slowly begin to present themselves as the month progresses making your vision for the future that much clearer. Overall this is a high vibrational time that can be used to rewrite your story and plan ahead as long as you are willing to travel light.


Jupiter is an expansive planet. It signifies good luck and good fortune. It is a Supreme Befnefic. Numerically, Jupiter is ruled by the number 3. The number 3 is considered the Guru; the bringer of change. This number holds the significance of merging the human and the divine. The spread I have created for this New Moon is one of progression. It will allow you to move with the expansive energy of Jupiter while also allowing you to dream (Neptune), blending the two so as to focus in on grounded action (Mars), through zeroing in on your purpose. Enjoy! and please share what comes up for you via Instagram, I’d love to see your spread! 


Abundant Blessings