I woke up feeling disconnected from my divinity. I had some interesting dreams with equally interesting narratives. My goal this morning was to reconnect, not that we are ever disconnected but I believe that my connection to spirit is like a muscle, it’s part of my body, it will never cease being a part of my body, but how often I use it determines how well it will serve me and how I chose to nourish it determines how well I will serve it. So, I cleaned my space, nourished my body with herbal tea, and stepped onto the back deck where I could be fully embraced by the uplifting rays of the sun. I exposed my body to its bountiful light, then stretched, then went into my meditation. I love envisioning my crone self, my maiden self, and my child self-embracing one another. This for me, is so healing. It offers acceptance, forgiveness, love, and support from me, to me in my fullness. As a child, I can remember feeling so small and vulnerable in the vast world around me. I was often frightened and overwhelmed. My father would comfort me the best he could but I felt misunderstood much of the time. When I embrace my child self, I am able to support her in the way she needed it because only I, with the guidance of spirit and my higher-self, can provide that missing link. And despite my current self approaching 40 and my child self being 4 or 5, I fully feel the embrace and the safety that I needed back then in a past, present, and future sort of way. In my meditative state, time folds into itself and I am connected to different versions of me on different points of the time line continuum. I am able to reach back into time to heal that form of myself which then adds to my current state of wholeness. I am so thankful for the wisdom connection to source provides, it gives me the strength to transmute a seemingly hard experience into scenic beautifulness along the journey that is ascension. Something new that I was called to introduce during my meditation today in support of my root chakra was to envision my root chakra as a gold sphere of light, then invite the sun in to cleanse, clear, and transmute any stagnation or old energies lingering in my sacred yoni, and womb spaces. After inviting the light in, I envisioned fresh fertile soil surrounding my newly cleansed root chakra. I began planting seeds of intention in this soil, seeds of safety and security, and wholeness, and self-love, and self-acceptance. It felt like spring had sprung and my connection to Gaia is renewed! I highly recommend this meditation/visualization practice for anyone who struggles with root chakra issues. I am committed to making it a party of my daily ritual.