Just Say No!

Historically no is a word that is associated with power and power was something that was prodominately held in the hands of affluent males. When we think about why it is so hard to say no today, we should think of it in terms of how the word no was/is used and who used it. This speaks to how the word no has been handed down generation through generation. A person can attribute their inability to say no to being shy as a child, or their attachment style. this all holds some truth but what is also true is that we as a society have been conditioned to not say no. This has been done for many reasons but what it has created is an imbalance in the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy systems. When we aren't claiming our power we are in a state of imbalance. We may find ourselves fueling the wrong things due to our inability to stay focused on where we have power by distracting ourselves with things that we've said yes to when we should have said no. I'd like you to pay attention to where you are allowing yourself to be distracted in an effort to avoid your own power. Where in your life does it feel like you say yes out of guilt or obligation? Where can you afford to take on less so that you can focus on what matters? And where do you think saying yes (when you really want to say no) means having compassion or love for another? When we stand in our power we bring into balance our divine masculine energy. Utilizing our strength doesn't mean we are tyrant's, it simply means we are aware of our innate strength and where our divine energy is best placed. This allows you to move with purpose and divine intent. Doing what is best for you means that you are doing what is best for everyone involved, this is true compassion, not saying yes to someone or something out of guilt or a sense of obligation, that is codependency, and enabling. We can't save another from their feelings or their karma by saying yes to their every whim. Saying no doesn't always feel good because we have been taught that it isn't kind or polite but paying a kindness that is misplaced breeds unhealthy habits. If we are to shift the paradigm in our society, we all must take part in balancing our Divine Masculine Divine Feminine energy systems. This allows us to hold more power and assists in the upgrading of outdated templates. Learn to receive your power without guilt or shame. Sit in the seat of it and just say no!