I looked up the definition of Integrity today. It's associated with other words like honesty, honor, ethics, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness, and trustworthiness. I Would say your morals and values stem from the ethics you subscribe to and your ethics are displayed through your character and your character displays whether or not you move through the world with integrity. So, what does it mean when you practice integrity in one area of life and not another? In Spanish, integrity is pronounced "integro," which means whole. Practicing integrity in areas in your life where it flows easiest is definitely a step in the right direction, doing so allows you to practice the art of moving through the world with integrity but does it help you strengthen the necessary muscles associated with practicing integrity where it doesn't come so easy? I'm talking about your knee jerk reactions with difficult people, the areas where you might justify your actions instead of apologizing, or the times when your communication is anything but clear because you are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings, or you might be afraid to speak up. These are the areas where practicing introspection can allow for more self-awareness. Being honest in your introspection process makes room for growth and intern, a shift towards inviting integrity into these areas of yourself expression. Often times our inability to practice integrity in one area of our lives or another, is associated with a bigger issue or block linked to the stories we associate ourselves with and possibly intergenerational trauma. Shedding light into areas that may be deemed bad, ugly, wrong, or part of our shadow selves, is where the gift of deeper understanding is found, this is the key to releasing yourself from what no longer moving into a place where you are operating from your higher self. When you can become honest with yourself about where you lack integrity, you are giving yourself the grace to move on from a lower vibration.