Inner Strength

The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine are being called to reclaim their power. Where have you acquiesced in life when maybe you shouldn't have? Where have you given away your power to a person, place or thing that didn't deserve it? When did you silence yourself in fear of being ridiculed, misunderstood or not heard? We have all done it. These experiences are a part of the growth process and can be normal if they haven't been experienced in excess. We are being shown how to be leaders, holders of truth, and how to embody our inner god/goddess. When we honor ourselves by doing what is right and good for us, despite what someone else may feel or say, we are showing universe/god/spirit, that we honor ourselves, and our inner strength. Not everyone is meant to hear what we have to say. Knowing who to share your wisdom with takes time. Practicing discernment is a good way to reserve your inner strength for those who will respect it. After a while this will become an intuitive process and your vibe, as they say, will attract your tribe. As we grow more and more into our inner light, we are asked to hold more power. This can be overwhelming. Some will fear it, others will grow into it with ease. Both experiences are valid as we are all unique beings with different paths. Most are hesitant because of the negative connotations related to the word power, but power doesn't have to mean being a tyrant. Power can be wielded with grace and ease as long as one has balanced their feminine and masculine aspects. For many of us this can be a challenge. For centuries, our society has perpetuated beliefs around gender that no longer serve us but can still have a psychological effect on our belief systems and actions. It is important to check in with your belief systems and discover their roots in an effort to unlearn anything that isn't serving your journey towards achieving balance and inner strength. Meditation, spending time in nature, and having regular contact with your tribe are all great ways in which you can check in with yourself and others along the way. Another practice that can assist in reclaiming your energy is cutting energetic ties to people and situations that continue to syphon energy from you. This is important for a lot of us who continue to relive past hurts, are unable to forgive, or are still thinking about someone we love but are no longer with. Holding onto the past does not allow us to progress in our fullness. The focus is not to hurt or harm, the focus is to reclaim energetic pieces of ourselves in an effort to become whole again. Ascension is never over, it is an ongoing process as we are always growing and learning. Reclaiming your power sets you on your souls journey and true purpose, it also allows this process to happen with greater ease.