Connected In Purpose

There is purpose in speaking your truth and guidance in your story. When you are able to find your voice and share it with others you shed light along the pathway for them. Many of us have shame or guilt attached to our story which can prevent us from sharing vital truths that can offer support to others. The ability to embrace your truth and release any barriers in doing so is an integrative process where we are able to allow support through spirit, our ancestors and our higher-self that translates to embracing all of you and the ability to reframe deep rooted beliefs and experiences. As we release ourselves of judgements attached to our story  we transcend how we view ourselves and our experiences. This allows us to move deeper into the integration process where we can discover the root of the barriers that have kept us from finding our voice. Transcending trauma happens in layers that present themselves as we become a vibrational match to those layers. As we move through the layers, we are freed up from holding back and begin to share from a more authentic space with purpose and what you will find is that people who need to hear your story will find you. Spirit works to bring us together in an effort to move energy, as this happens the energetic vibration of the universe is lifted. The fabric in which we are all interwoven strengthens as compassion and understanding  is strengthened. Begin to feel into your integration process, the world needs your voice! Community is gained through sharing your vibration. The earth is uplifted through community.