Birthing into newness

Spring is in full effect and summer is coming in fast! I don't know about you guys but I have been spending a lot of time doing some internal spring cleaning. I am a minimalist so my home doesn't hold a lot of clutter. My clutter exists in my internal spaces.. in my mind, and in my heart. I've been taking a look at everything from boundaries, to my communication style, to how I am perceived by others. What I have discovered is the obvious, there is always room for improvement! But beyond that, how do we cultivate change? If something is brought to my attention repeatedly, either by spirit, by loved ones, or even if its brought to me from someone who is trying to be critical or harmful, I have to take a look at that and see if its mine to take a look at or if its theirs and I need to send that energy back out. If I've decided that the issue brought to me is something I'd like to transform and grow from, I begin by taking an inventory of all the times that action, or behavior has shown up and how it served me. What was the outcome? If I feel the outcome is positive than I move forward, if I don't I ask the deeper question, what does this behavior or action represent? What am I feeling when I do it, and what am I trying to achieve when I am in the moment of the behavior? The answer could take a few days to come up depending on how deep the root is buried but when it does, It just sit with it. I'm not trying to discard pieces of me that behaved poorly, no. I'm trying to regain them, bring them into my heart so that they can know that they are loved, and safe. For me integration is the only way for those pieces of me to not feel so triggered to the point of acting out. A practice that I took up about two months ago is sitting with myself in front of a mirror and inviting all parts of me into communion. In this sacred space, we come together and discuss what is needed, what is no longer serving us, and what isn't ours. No matter what time of day this takes place, I am always blessed with a vision or a vocal answer to what was discussed earlier. The more I sit with this practice the more integrated and grounded I seem to feel. deciphering where I need to place my energy becomes easier and easier. I encourage you to commune with yourselves on a regular basis. Please share with me your results!