Authentically Me

Allowing your true self to be seen requires having a deep understanding of who you are and what really moves you. In this 3d experience we are inundated with information and various forms of stimuli on a regular basis. This can make it difficult to quite the chatter in our minds long enough to hear our inner voice. Constant stimulation also works to dull our senses and distracts us from cultivating meaningful thought processes that lead us to a place of more authenticity. This is where the need for a midlife crisis come from. When a person has been living from an unfulfilled place, doing what is expected of them such as going to the right school, choosing the right major, getting a "good job", living in the right neighborhood, marrying the right girl, etc., there is no space to follow your souls purpose or even tap into what that could be. There is value in accomplishing goals associated with the things I've listed above and these accomplishments don't always have to serve as distractions if they are balanced with purpose and intention. Living a life filled with more authenticity means practicing discernment. You don't have to do everything our society says is good and right to do. Take some time to feel into what is being asked of you before doing it. There is nothing wrong with asking for time to think about something before agreeing to it. There is personal power in being able to respectfully decline things that aren't for your highest good even if the thing is something that seems to have worked out for countless others. You aren't here to do what others are doing. As children, we aren't taught to say no enough, in fact, when toddlers learn the word no, they are often asked to not say it! This carries over into our adult lives as not feeling like we have a voice, or feeling guilt or shame when we use the word no. Unplug from the matrix, shut off your screens, spend more time alone in nature, listen to what your heart and soul are telling you then do more of that. You can start small and then build from there. In my experience, connecting with your soul’s desire often leads to new experiences, creative ideas, joy and fulfillment. Living with more creativity, joy, and fulfillment in your life leads to greater authenticity and personal freedom.